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Although chivalry, manners and a simple handshake may seem like things of the past, UNIQUE HVAC- maybe in the minority, still believe in this way of life and form of business. UNIQUE HVAC has best been described as an old school type business with NEW SCHOOL ideas and equipment.


Air Conditioning & Heating

Work Ethic ~ Trust ~ Values ~ Commitment ~ Reliable

Its tough to find a HVAC specialist that you can trust. However, you will find us to be knowledgeable with our long list of certifications and are professional, trustworthy, skilled and most of all friendly with a smile. These amazing qualities make us Unique in every way. Here are some reasons that makes Unique a well respected and trusted company servicing New Jersey for over 20 years:

  1. Experience: Our management has 80 plus years in field experience, which is pretty amazing. We have seen it all and worked on it all but most of all we know where to find all the answers to any questions you may have.
  2. Old-school values/New-school technology: A handshake, holding a door or maybe just a simple thank you may seem like things of the past or "OLD-SCHOOL" but its the respect we show our clients. However there is nothing OLD SCHOOL about the equipment and technology we are using to guarantee your ultimate indoor comfort.
  3. Unico certified technicians: All members of Unique Air Conditioning & Heating are certified directly by Unico Systems. When Unique Air Conditioning & Heating installs a Unico system, it is installed properly to manufacturers specifications and our clients are also eligible for an extended warranty on all of their Unico equipment.
  4. Affordable Air Conditioning & Heating Solutions: Every home and client are different. This is why every estimate/quote is customized for your family and home needs without the financial burden
  5. Performance Guarantee: Unique sets our sights on complete satisfaction on every installation and every service we provide- guaranteed.. 


Residential HVAC Services in the Northern/Central New Jersey Area.

Unique Air Conditioning & Heating is a premier provider of HVAC services for Northern New Jersey homeowners. From system retrofits and repairs to full installations and maintenance plans, our value-driven pricing and superior quality shine throughout every project/retrofit. 


Unique Air Conditioning & Heating is a Coleman authorized installing dealer serving the Northern/Central New Jersey Area. Our team has the experience & capabilities of working on and installing multiple types of light commercial systems.

Our offerings include roof top units, furnaces, unit heaters and split systems with a variety of zoning applications. We are capable of installing and servicing equipment from any manufacturer. 


Unique Air Conditioning & Heating delivers fast, reliable HVAC and indoor air quality repairs for homeowners throughout the Northern/Central New Jersey. The last 20 years we have earned a reputation for flawless work, best-in-class technicians and product innovation that is second-to-none. As part of our commitment to everyday excellence, we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee that brings value and peace of mind.When your system breaks down or performs below your expectations, Unique Air Conditioning & Heating is your team.

Unique Air Conditioning & Heating and Unico

HighVelocity Specialist

Unique HVAC is the oldest Unico dealer in the state of New Jersey. Our long outstanding relationship has helped us grow with Unico through the years and years to come. Unico is truly a Unique system.

The Unico System has provided superior indoor comfort in homes and buildings around the world for over 20 years.

The Unico product is ideally suited for you if you:

Unico System Ducts

The Unico Air Conditioning & Heating System supply tubes are available in either 2 and 2.5" I.D. (inside diameter). They are often reffered to as a Sound Attenuator due to the sound deadening properties of the duct. The tube's core is made with nylon which is then wrapped with insulation and finally wrapped with an outer vapor barrier to stop moisture and also to reduce thermal losses.

Unique Air Conditioning & Heating will carefully design your system so it cools your home properly in an unobtrusive, virtually invisible fashion.

CONTACT UNIQUE HVAC for a free estimate/consultation.

The Unico System fits where other conventional air conditioning and heating systems can't with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and closets.

The flexible small ducts can be routed through existing ceiling and/or floor or wall cavities – eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork.

Because of all our design features, there is no need to “gut” the home for installation. The process is less disruptive, there’s less mess, less dust and less installation time. Without the installation requirements of a traditional heating and air conditioning system, the Unico System saves time and money on your construction.

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