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Split Systems


Echelon Series AC8B Model Air Conditioners

You deserve the comfort of the highest performing line of Coleman® HVAC residential air conditioners. With this Coleman model, you'll feel good about a system that's designed to perform efficiently in any season and that's available with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

*The AC8B024 and AC8B036 models are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR 2012 when used with the Echelon Residential Communicating Control.

Great Efficiency. Great Value.

  • 66% more efficient and four-times as quiet using high-tech compressor
  • Communicating Controls provide system monitoring and protection
  • Outstanding efficiency ratings of 18 SEER
  • Quieter cooling with WhisperDrive system

Echelon Series TCHD Model Air Conditioners

The advanced Echelon™ Horizontal Discharge Unit gives you the comfort and the cost-saving, energy-efficient performance that comes with Coleman® performance — all in an attractive, innovative compact design that brings style to home cooling. With a sleek, trim look, it’s the one system you’ll hardly notice — ideal for tight spaces and zero-lot-line homes.

Designed for efficiency, reliability and comfort

  • Nominal 13 SEER (up to 15.5 SEER when used with a variable-speed indoor blower, depending on size and application)
  • Zero-lot-line application; requires only a 6-inch clearance
  • High-efficiency scroll compressor and swept-wing fan design for efficient operation and industry-leading sound quality
  • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant ensures optimum energy efficiency
  • Unique MicroChannel coil construction creates a superior heat exchange surface that allows a smaller unit to provide more performance in less space




Communicating Comfort Comfortmaker® SoftSound® SXT+ Two-Stage Air Conditioners featuring the Observer™ communicating system are designed to take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency. Teamed with our Observer communicating wall control and a Comfortmaker communicating fan coil or gas furnace, the SoftSound SXT+ functions as part of a complete communicating home comfort system. Various components of the system “talk” to each other electronically, fine-tuning comfort levels while maximizing energy savings.

Quiet The SoftSound SXT+ is built with premium components for quiet performance, including a two-stage scroll compressor with deluxe sound blanket. A variable-speed fan motor operates primarily on quieter, lower speeds (HCA9 models only). Operating sound is further minimized by advanced aerodynamic fan and air discharge systems. This model typically runs at the lower stage, switching to higher operating levels as necessary to provide steady cooling when outdoor temperatures rise. Custom-matched with a Comfortmaker variable-speed communicating fan coil or gas furnace, this two-stage operation delivers whisper-quiet operating sound levels and superior humidity control season after season.

Durable Exceptionally durable steel cabinet with corrosion-resistant, appliance-grade paint. Filter drier removes moisture from the refrigerant and safeguards the long-term reliability of the refrigeration system.


  • Energy-saving high-efficiency of up to 19 SEER could save up to 47% when compared to an older 10 SEER unit
  • TWO STAGE OPERATION reduces temperature and humidity swings in the home by heating and cooling evenly.
  • 19 SEER rating for HCA9 models when paired with select indoor equipment.
  • Warranty Protection
  • 10 YEAR NO HASSLE REPLACEMENT LIMITED WARRANTY which gives the original purchaser a one-time replacement unit if the compressor or outdoor coil should fail within the first ten years
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on all functional parts.



Quiet The scroll compressor operates without noisy pistons and comes with a sound blanket to reduce compressor sound levels.

Durable The painted, galvanized steel cabinet features a powder-coat, baked-on finish and a coated inlet grille with narrower spacing to provide maximum protection as it allows for proper airflow and easy coil cleaning.

Efficient The scroll compressor and the 7 mm copper tubing with aluminum fin coils work collectively to save on energy.

Aerodynamic The two-speed fan motor operates most of the time on quieter, lower speed. Aerodynamic air discharge design reduces operating sounds.

Service Friendly The Comfort Alert feature improves diagnostic accuracy if the system needs checking. The Plug & Play feature simplifies wiring and provides easy access to speed up service.

  • Energy-saving 13 SEER efficiency saves on monthly energy bills.
  • 1 YEAR NO HASSLE REPLACEMENT LIMITED WARRANTY gives you a replacement unit if the compressor or outdoor coil should fail within the first year.
  • 10 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY on all functional parts.

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