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Unico System has partnered with Italian manufacturer, Argoclima, to introduce a new product line. The iSeries line includes refrigerant based outdoor inverter units that feature a high SEER rating, making them incredibly energy efficient. They range from 1 to 3.5 tons and have ports to connect up to four indoor units. The line also includes the Unico System and high wall indoor units that generate less than 23 decibels of sound, making them some of the quietest products in the industry.

Outdoor Inverter Unit

The Unico system iSeries outdoor inverter units, which utilize state-of-the-art inverter technology, are the heart of the Unico system iSeries line. These units range from one to four nominal tons and boast unsurpassed features and benefits.

High Wall Indoor Unit

The Unico system iSeries ductless high wall units range from one to two tons and are quiet, compact, and discreet – everything you want from a high wall unit.

Unico High Velocity System

One of the best features of the Unico System iSeries is the ability to be paired with the Unico System. Due to the multisplit capabilities of the outdoor inverter unit, you can have several zones of Unico system throughout a home without the need for dampers. This also allows several air handlers to be connected to one outdoor unit with mini-splits at the same time for mixed applications. The possibilities are endless!

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