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Unico System iSeries

iSeries Outdoor Inverter Unit

The iSeries outdoor inverter units, which utilize state-of-the-art inverter technology, are the heart of the iSeries line. These units range from one to four nominal tons and boast unsurpassed features and benefits.

Outdoor Inverter unit features and benefits:Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology refers to the ability of the unit to modulate the power from 10% to 130% of the nominal value. Simply put, this means that the unit never goes through on/off cycles which are the times when traditional HVAC units use the most power. This also means that the unit will reach normal operating conditions much faster, which translates to reaching the indoor target temperature much quicker.

High SEER Ratings

Because of the inverter technology, the iSeries units will be rated by AHRI up to 18-20 SEER. This means the units are incredibly energy efficient, saving you money.

Either Single split or multisplit

You can connect one indoor unit to one outdoor unit, or several indoor units to one outdoor unit. This is a capability that can be achieved “out-of-the-box” without any additional modifications or special settings. This allows for incredible variety in configuring your HVAC system.

Quiet Operation

The outdoor units run at a sound level of just 40dB, which is no louder than the sound your refrigerator makes while running.

Wide Range of operating temperatures

The iSeries outdoor units have been tested and successfully operated in extreme temperatures ranging from -35° up to 120°F, which speaks volumes to how robust these units are.

Cold Draft Prevention

In cold weather, there are times when outdoor units may need to defrost due to ice buildup. Usually, this means a period of time where the indoor units blow cold air, but with iSeries, the revolutionary Cold Draft Prevention allows the outdoor units to defrost while the indoor unit continues to blow warm air, keeping you comfortable at all times.

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